Let go

I don’t wanna live anymore  Advertisements


I hate living. If death leads the way, I may follow it some day.


I feel like I am wandering in an unknown world. where I know no one and I know nothing. I know it is me. but how I get rid of “me” ?   Answers needed to be revealed, but I may not want to hear them.


Once you attached to some labels and it hurt you so bad that you feel like you’re worthless, take it off.   Just take it off and leave it.


Passion.   Where are you?   I need you. Now.

No skip button

Accidentally laid my eyes towards my parents while they were seated in front of the car, dad was the driver and mom sat beside him. I saw mom smiled while trying to slap the mosquito on my dad’s face.  Not sure what she’s saying but she’s smiling. but that also made me smile, unknowningly.  maybe…

…and all I could say was “hello”

This famous quote may be well-known from the famous movie called “An affair to remember” but I have known it from somewhere else. It was “Sleepless in Seattle”. I had a chance to get to know this movie from an era of my life when I was really into a romantic movie (well, I still…

Life with questions and doubts

Every day in life, I wonder. I wonder about everything. Everything I did, do, will do, I always have questions and doubts regarding those actions. Why it is so complicated? Why life ‘has to be’ complicated? At the end, even at the end of this world, we wouldn’t get the answer. maybe because we are…

Mother’s logic

Sometimes mom’s nagging about how I dress really bothers me at the beginning. Of course, I argue back. I am not dressed inappropriately, it’s just doesn’t not what she would like me to dress.  but after a while of silence, I feel bad. After I sink in with why she said that, I can feel…

Everything begins with a first step.

The number of times I’ve been trying to write a diary is countless. No matter it’s on paper with an ink or on the website through various domains. I’m pretty sure my laziness and not-so-consistency habit are two of the main reasons I have never ever succeeded on writing a diary. I’ve heard it from…