…and all I could say was “hello”

This famous quote may be well-known from the famous movie called “An affair to remember”

but I have known it from somewhere else. It was “Sleepless in Seattle”.

I had a chance to get to know this movie from an era of my life when I was really into a romantic movie (well, I still am). It is weird to say, but this movie always calms my nerve every time I am unfocused.

Just like this morning when I was surprisingly in a mood of doing a household chores. After I ran out of the music on playlist, I decided to play “Sleepless in Seattle”, without watching, just hearing, and you know what? It really calmed me down. It made me feel, peaceful.

I know many people would call it as “a chick” movie (just like male characters reacted to An Affair to remember in this movie), but I still love it. Maybe, it’s the happy ending part we, or at least me, wish for it to happen even we all know life is often full of sh*t.

No matter what, I still have hopes.

No matter what, maybe only a one, single “Hello” can happen, and change everything.




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