Everything begins with a first step.

The number of times I’ve been trying to write a diary is countless. No matter it’s on paper with an ink or on the website through various domains. I’m pretty sure my laziness and not-so-consistency habit are two of the main reasons I have never ever succeeded on writing a diary.

I’ve heard it from somewhere that writing a diary helps you to be better at ‘something’ which I cannot remember but all I know is that it does help something, memory maybe? However, this is my first archive of today, my first day of God-know-how-many times. The second might come after this first one tonight, if I feel like it.

I love my privacy but there are times that I want my voice to be heard. Knowing there’s someone, at least one who listens to you even they are strangers or someone you may only meet for one time. It is still better than not being heard.

I believe we all wants attention, in some ways. To feel like we are significant. It is not about how many people you know or accompany with in your life. It is how we are perceived by them.



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